2017 Favorites | A Collection of My Favorite Portraits

This year has been such a blessing for my business! Don’t get me wrong, every year since I’ve started back in February of 2012 has been so wonderful. I’ve grown so much as a business owner and artist, and I’m so thankful for the support I’m constantly given by family, friends, clients, and other wedding professionals. Your compliments, follows, and referrals mean the world to me and are so uplifting!

Recently I made an announcement about mine and Brandon’s new business venture; offering both photo and video services to engaged couples. We are really excited about this and are so grateful that God has opened up this opportunity for us! Our goal is to announce our new business name soon after the new year, and a brand new website reveal will then follow. We can’t wait to share our new look with you!

Here is a collection of my most favorite images from this past year. I had the privilege of working with such dear families, friends, engaged couples, and brides and grooms. Thank you all so much for allowing me to serve you in such a special way! ♥2017-12-21_00752017-12-21_00762017-12-21_00772017-12-21_00782017-12-21_00792017-12-21_00802017-12-21_00812017-12-21_00822017-12-21_0151.jpg2017-12-21_00832017-12-21_00842017-12-21_00852017-12-21_0152.jpg2017-12-21_00862017-12-21_00872017-12-21_00882017-12-21_00892017-12-21_00902017-12-21_00912017-12-21_0092Second shot for my sweet friend, Dianna Nicole Photography.2017-12-21_00932017-12-21_00942017-12-21_00952017-12-21_00962017-12-21_00972017-12-21_00982017-12-21_00992017-12-21_01002017-12-21_01012017-12-21_01022017-12-21_01032017-12-21_01042017-12-21_01052017-12-21_01062017-12-21_01072017-12-21_01082017-12-21_01092017-12-21_0110Second shot for the super talented Ashley Errington Photography.2017-12-21_01112017-12-21_01122017-12-21_01132017-12-21_01142017-12-21_01152017-12-21_01162017-12-21_01172017-12-21_01182017-12-21_01192017-12-21_0120This stunning wedding was featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs. Check it out here!2017-12-21_01212017-12-21_01222017-12-21_01232017-12-21_01242017-12-21_01252017-12-21_01262017-12-21_01272017-12-21_01282017-12-21_01292017-12-21_01302017-12-21_01312017-12-21_01322017-12-21_01332017-12-21_01342017-12-21_01352017-12-21_01362017-12-21_01372017-12-21_01382017-12-21_01392017-12-21_01402017-12-21_01412017-12-21_01422017-12-21_01432017-12-21_01442017-12-21_01452017-12-21_01462017-12-21_01472017-12-21_01482017-12-21_01492017-12-21_0150Getting married in 2018? Brandon still has plenty of availability for video services! Tracey is just about booked for the year (for weddings), and is currently scheduling 2018 engagement sessions, high school senior portraits, and booking 2019 weddings. Contact us to schedule your consultation. We can’t wait to hear all about your proposal story and beautiful wedding plans!

Kelly + Mitch | Downtown Bethlehem | Bethlehem, PA Engagement Photographer

Kelly + Mitch met at good old Bloomsburg University. It was her junior year and his senior year, and they just so happened to be neighbors. They’ve been dating for 5 years, and now they’re engaged!

Mitch had Kelly’s mom, sister, and aunts fly out to Charleston, South Carolina, where Mitch proposed. It was at Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston. Can you even imagine how beautiful the setting must have been?!

They’ll be getting married at Brandywine Manor House, a stunning venue that will be perfect for their November 24, 2018 wedding. I will be so excited to have this gorgeous pair back in front of my camera again!

Congratulations to my new friends! Enjoy this season of engagement, because before you know it, you’ll be at your venue saying ‘I do’ and celebrating with your families and friends.2017-11-28_00012017-11-28_00022017-11-28_00032017-11-28_00042017-11-28_00052017-11-28_00062017-11-28_00072017-11-28_00082017-11-28_00092017-11-28_00102017-11-28_00112017-11-28_00122017-11-28_00132017-11-28_00142017-11-28_00152017-11-28_00162017-11-28_00172017-11-28_00182017-11-28_00192017-11-28_0020.12017-11-28_00202017-11-28_0021.12017-11-28_00212017-11-28_00222017-11-28_00232017-11-28_00242017-11-28_00272017-11-28_00282017-11-28_00292017-11-28_00302017-11-28_00312017-11-28_00322017-11-28_00332017-11-28_00342017-11-28_00352017-11-28_00362017-11-28_00372017-11-28_00382017-11-28_0039Oh, my word! So pretty!2017-11-28_00402017-11-28_00412017-11-28_00422017-11-28_00432017-11-28_00442017-11-28_00452017-11-28_00462017-11-28_0047Showing their love for the Eagles!2017-11-28_00482017-11-28_00492017-11-28_0050

Corey + Ben | Chickies Rock | Columbia, PA Engagement Photographer

Corey + Ben met at Penn State where they both attended college. They were friends since their freshman year and had the same group of friends that they hung out with. They dated during this time, and then took a little break, but eventually realized that they were meant to be.

It was while they were visiting Corey’s parents back in April of this year when they decided to go to Chickies Rock to go hiking and explore. (The views are amazing!) Ben set up his tripod without Corey even having a clue. He set his timer and pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him. Cue the happy tears!

Corey + Ben will be getting married in a church in Malvern, PA, on May 20, 2018. They’ll celebrate at the beautiful Columbia Station in Phoenixville. With their sweet love and a lavender, ivory, and sage color palette, their day will be beautiful; I just know it!

Congratulations, you two! Thank you so much for having me be a part of your special day! (And, a special thanks to Katrina for the referral!)2017-11-22_0001This was the spot where the proposal took place. Isn’t it breathtaking?!2017-11-22_00022017-11-22_00032017-11-22_0004.12017-11-22_0004So cute!2017-11-22_00052017-11-22_0006Her ring! Wow!2017-11-22_00072017-11-22_00082017-11-22_00092017-11-22_00102017-11-22_00112017-11-22_00122017-11-22_00132017-11-22_00152017-11-22_00162017-11-22_00172017-11-22_00182017-11-22_00192017-11-22_00202017-11-22_0021Corey + Ben sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. (I had to!)2017-11-22_00222017-11-22_00232017-11-22_00242017-11-22_00252017-11-22_00262017-11-22_00272017-11-22_00282017-11-22_0029

The Pepplers | Brasenhill Mansion | Family Photographer in Lebanon, PA

Even though they’re already married, Jessica and James are really excited to finally have the day they’ve been dreaming of for a long time, their wedding day!

Every time they planned their wedding, James would end up getting deployed, so their wedding day had to wait. Now that he’s home, they have their wedding planned for August 25th of 2018 at the beautiful Brasenhill Mansion.

I am so honored to photograph this special event, and I can’t wait to work with this precious family again next year!2017-11-09_00012017-11-09_00022017-11-09_00032017-11-09_00042017-11-09_00052017-11-09_00062017-11-09_00072017-11-09_00082017-11-09_00092017-11-09_00102017-11-09_00112017-11-09_00122017-11-09_00132017-11-09_00142017-11-09_00152017-11-09_00162017-11-09_00172017-11-09_00182017-11-09_00192017-11-09_00202017-11-09_00212017-11-09_00222017-11-09_00232017-11-09_00242017-11-09_00252017-11-09_00262017-11-09_00272017-11-09_00282017-11-09_00292017-11-09_00302017-11-09_00312017-11-09_00322017-11-09_00332017-11-09_00342017-11-09_00352017-11-09_00362017-11-09_0037

Megan + Pete | Conrad Weiser Homestead | Womelsdorf, PA Engagement Photographer

A scavenger hunt in the comfort of their own home. Yep, it’s how Pete proposed to Megan, and I think it’s the sweetest idea, and so thought-out!

We had so much fun together during their engagement session! They were such a joy to work with, and I just know that they’ll be pros by the time their wedding rolls around.

Megan + Pete will be getting married at one of my favorite venues in Lancaster County; Bear Mill Estate. It will take place on July 14th with around 100 of their closest friends and families. I am so excited to celebrate with this beautiful couple!

Congratulations, Megan + Pete! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve you on what’s going to be the most perfect day! 2017-10-20_0001So adorable!2017-10-20_0002A Charming Charlie statement necklace; Megan, you are my girl! 😉2017-10-20_0003.12017-10-20_00032017-10-20_00042017-10-20_00052017-10-20_00062017-10-20_00082017-10-20_00092017-10-20_00102017-10-20_00112017-10-20_00122017-10-20_00132017-10-20_00142017-10-20_00152017-10-20_00162017-10-20_00172017-10-20_00182017-10-20_00192017-10-20_00202017-10-20_00212017-10-20_00222017-10-20_00232017-10-20_00242017-10-20_00252017-10-20_00262017-10-20_00272017-10-20_00282017-10-20_00292017-10-20_00302017-10-20_00312017-10-20_00322017-10-20_00332017-10-20_00342017-10-20_00352017-10-20_00362017-10-20_00372017-10-20_00382017-10-20_00392017-10-20_00402017-10-20_00412017-10-20_0042

Mary + Nate | Brasenhill Mansion | Lebanon, PA Engagement Photographer

Mary and Nate; goodness, where do I start? First off, just look at them! They are such a gorgeous couple and are both so kind to everyone they come into contact with. And, Nate’s boys are so handsome! I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. (Brandon used to work with Nate years ago, so it’s extra special for us to be working their wedding together!)

Nate asked Mary to marry him while they (including the boys) were vacationing in Ocean City, NJ, this past summer; June 13th to be exact. A beach proposal must have been so dreamy!

They will be getting married on June 29th, 2018 at the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster. Their colors will be navy, blush, and gold; a perfect combination! Mary is going to be such a stunning bride! Oh, I can’t wait!

Congratulations, Mary and Nate (and boys)! Thanks so much for having Brandon and I capture your love! 2017-10-19_00012017-10-19_00022017-10-19_00032017-10-19_00042017-10-19_00052017-10-19_00062017-10-19_00072017-10-19_00082017-10-19_00092017-10-19_00102017-10-19_00112017-10-19_00122017-10-19_00132017-10-19_00142017-10-19_00152017-10-19_00162017-10-19_00172017-10-19_00182017-10-19_00192017-10-19_00202017-10-19_00212017-10-19_00222017-10-19_00232017-10-19_00242017-10-19_00252017-10-19_00262017-10-19_00272017-10-19_00282017-10-19_00292017-10-19_00302017-10-19_00312017-10-19_0032

Kayln + Rojohn | Messiah College | Mechanicsburg, PA Engagement Photographer


They met while out on the town one night at the Gingerbread Man in Mechanicsburg, Kayln’s hometown. They were playing pool and their friends introduced them to each other. Their love story began in 2012.


Kayln and Rojohn enjoy running together, going to hockey games (they are avid Flyer’s fans!), and going to wineries. They also really love the beach and relaxing together in their new home and spoiling that adorable pup of theirs, Gizmo!


Rojohn asked Kayln to marry him while they were relaxing and watching TV, just the two of them. She had absolutely no idea this was coming, so she was very surprised! They hope to get married in a church, and although they don’t have a date set for their wedding yet, they’re super excited to spend the rest of their lives together.

Congratulations, guys! Love ya lots! 
There was no fooling Gizmo; he knew I was behind the tree the whole time!2017-10-18_00172017-10-18_00182017-10-18_00192017-10-18_00202017-10-18_0021.12017-10-18_00212017-10-18_00222017-10-18_00232017-10-18_00242017-10-18_00252017-10-18_00262017-10-18_00272017-10-18_00282017-10-18_0029