Heather + Pete | Overlook Park | Lancaster, PA Engagement Photographer

Heather + Pete met through a mutual friend from work who will actually be officiating their June 8th, 2018 wedding at Riverdale Manor. This super gorgeous couple started dating in June of 2015 and became engaged on March 2nd of this year.

Their proposal story is so sweet! Pete was originally supposed to wait until his mother came up to visit to propose to Heather, but after he got the ring, he just could not wait. So, he strategically placed it in the refrigerator while Heather was out getting groceries, and when she came back and opened the door to the frig, there the ring was waiting for her!

One of Heather’s favorite memories from when they were dating was when Pete had just got his truck fixed, and he wanted to take her out to dinner and show her his sound system. They were sitting in his truck in the parking lot of a Dundalk Diner late at night. He said he wanted to play a song for her, so he started playing ‘Free’ by Zach Brown Band. He sang along to it, and Heather says that it didn’t sound too bad either! This was the most romantic night she remembers with Pete.

They are really looking forward to marrying each other and being surrounded by their closest friends and family members.

Heather + Pete, congratulations to you both! I can’t wait to work with you again and to meet all of your friends and families! Your wedding is going to be a BLAST! Thank you for allowing me to capture your sweet love story. ❤2017-06-15_00012017-06-15_00022017-06-15_00032017-06-15_00042017-06-15_00052017-06-15_00062017-06-15_00072017-06-15_00082017-06-15_00092017-06-15_00102017-06-15_00112017-06-15_00122017-06-15_00132017-06-15_00142017-06-15_00152017-06-15_00162017-06-15_00172017-06-15_00182017-06-15_00192017-06-15_00202017-06-15_00212017-06-15_00222017-06-15_00232017-06-15_00242017-06-15_00252017-06-15_00262017-06-15_00272017-06-15_00282017-06-15_00292017-06-15_00302017-06-15_0031

Stroudsmoor Country Inn | An Ashley Errington Photography Wedding

My wedding season started out awesome, even with all the rain we had! I second shot for Sarah of Ashley Errington Photography on May 6th at Stroudsmoor Country Inn. I loved everything about this wedding from the fun bridal party to the amazing views and the handmade signs that the bride made herself; she’s so talented!

Sharing these photos makes me so excited to work with AEP again! I just love what I do and how I’m able to meet so many talented artists and couples from all over.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple, and thanks to Ashley for allowing me to second shoot at such a beautiful venue! Enjoy my favorites down below. 2017-06-08_00282017-06-08_00292017-06-08_00302017-06-08_00312017-06-08_00322017-06-08_00332017-06-08_00342017-06-08_00352017-06-08_00362017-06-08_00372017-06-08_00382017-06-08_00392017-06-08_00402017-06-08_00412017-06-08_00422017-06-08_00432017-06-08_00442017-06-08_00452017-06-08_00462017-06-08_00472017-06-08_00482017-06-08_00492017-06-08_00502017-06-08_00512017-06-08_00522017-06-08_00532017-06-08_00542017-06-08_00552017-06-08_00562017-06-08_00572017-06-08_00582017-06-08_00592017-06-08_00602017-06-08_00612017-06-08_00622017-06-08_00632017-06-08_00642017-06-08_00652017-06-08_00662017-06-08_00672017-06-08_00682017-06-08_00692017-06-08_00702017-06-08_00712017-06-08_00722017-06-08_00732017-06-08_00742017-06-08_00752017-06-08_00762017-06-08_00772017-06-08_00782017-06-08_00792017-06-08_00802017-06-08_0081

Alyssa + Anthony | Nolde Forest | Reading, PA Engagement Photographer

Alyssa met Anthony through her good friend that she worked with at the Good Samaritan Hospital, who just so happens to be Anthony’s sister. They started dating last spring. Alyssa tells me that their relationship is the definition of ‘when you know, you know.’ How sweet. ♥

One day after church, they had gone to lunch together and then went for a walk where Anthony soon proposed.

Alyssa loves Anthony’s humor, his laugh, and his kind heart. Anthony loves the face Alyssa makes when she brushes her hair, when she raps along to a super ghetto song, and when she laughs really hard. LOL! You guys are too cute.

In their free time they enjoy walking, going on day trips, and hanging out with their families.

A few of their most favorite memories from when they were dating was going to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., their college graduations, and Valentine’s Day.

They will be getting married on April 7, 2018 at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Annville, PA and will have their celebration at the General Sutter Inn in Lititz, PA. They are really looking forward to their ceremony, eating their yummy cake, and just spending the day with the people they love the most; their friends and families.

Alyssa and Anthony, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so happy for you, and I can’t wait to hug you guys again and to be a part of your wedding day. Congrats!2017-06-05_00292017-06-05_00302017-06-05_00312017-06-05_00322017-06-05_00332017-06-05_00342017-06-05_00352017-06-05_00362017-06-05_00372017-06-05_00382017-06-05_00392017-06-05_00402017-06-05_00412017-06-05_00422017-06-05_00432017-06-05_00442017-06-05_00452017-06-05_00462017-06-05_00472017-06-05_00482017-06-05_00492017-06-05_00502017-06-05_00512017-06-05_00522017-06-05_00532017-06-05_00542017-06-05_00552017-06-05_00562017-06-05_0057

Lauren + Brent | Leola, PA Engagement Photographer

About a year and a half ago, Lauren and Brent met at a picnic that their church, Calvary Church, was having. Soon after that they started dating!

Then comes the proposal! Brent asked Lauren to be his wife on March 19th of this year. They will be getting married at their church on September 16, 2017. Think burgundy, blush and fall. Oh, it’ll be beautiful!

I actually go to church with Brent’s sister, Sherrie, and I’m so thankful for her referring this dear couple to me. We had a lot of fun together during their engagement session, and Lauren incorporated some cute props into their photos as well! They were a breeze to work with, and I can’t wait to work with them again on their wedding day!

Congratulations, you two! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. 2017-06-05_00012017-06-05_00022017-06-05_00032017-06-05_00042017-06-05_00052017-06-05_00062017-06-05_00072017-06-05_00082017-06-05_00092017-06-05_00102017-06-05_00112017-06-05_00122017-06-05_00132017-06-05_00142017-06-05_00152017-06-05_00162017-06-05_0017Lauren worked so hard on this adorable banner! Don’t forget to use it at your wedding. 😉2017-06-05_00182017-06-05_00192017-06-05_00202017-06-05_00212017-06-05_00222017-06-05_00232017-06-05_00242017-06-05_00252017-06-05_00262017-06-05_0027

Erin + Kyle | Longwood Gardens | Kennett Square, PA Engagement Photographer

I could have spent ALL DAY at Longwood Gardens with Erin + Kyle! We spent almost 2 hours walking around and didn’t even make it to half of the gardens. There is so much to see; it’s overwhelming! (In a good way, of course.) Anyone considering an engagement session at the gardens should allow at least half a day to go through. I’m not kidding!

I loved working with this super cute couple. I laughed so much! Their session was just so much fun. They did an amazing job from start to finish. You’d never know how busy the gardens were by their photos, and believe me, it was PACKED.

Erin + Kyle will be getting married at the beautiful Mountain Valley Golf Course in Barnesville, PA on June 16, 2018. I’m looking forward to celebrating with them and their families and friends!

Thank you guys for such a fun session, and congratulations! Can’t wait to work with you again soon!2017-05-27_00012017-05-30_0044.jpg2017-05-30_00022017-05-30_0045.jpg2017-05-30_00042017-05-30_00052017-05-30_00062017-05-30_00072017-05-30_00082017-05-30_00092017-05-30_00102017-05-30_00112017-05-30_00122017-05-30_00132017-05-30_00142017-05-30_00152017-05-30_00162017-05-30_00172017-05-30_00182017-05-30_00192017-05-30_00202017-05-30_00212017-05-30_00222017-05-30_00232017-05-30_00242017-05-30_00252017-05-30_00262017-05-30_00272017-05-30_00282017-05-30_00292017-05-30_00302017-05-30_00312017-05-30_00322017-05-30_00332017-05-30_00342017-05-30_00352017-05-30_00362017-05-30_00372017-05-30_00382017-05-30_00392017-05-30_00402017-05-30_00412017-05-30_00422017-05-30_0043

Anna + Ian Reddinger | The Inn at Leola Village | Leola, PA Wedding Photographer

Anna and Ian met at the end of summer in 2014. They both were undergoing big life changes and were not actively looking for companionship. At the time, Ian was extremely busy traveling out of state with his electrical contracting company, and Anna had recently moved to the area, started a new job and was meeting new friends. It’s only in time that they were meant to be at the same place at the same time, meeting through mutual friends. Anna wanted to believe that Ian was “just another guy,” but that quickly changed over the course of the night. Before the night was over, they exchange numbers. It sounds cliche, but the moment Ian met Anna, he knew she was something more. Ian remained in constant contact with Anna the week after they had met, with good morning texts and checking up throughout the day, despite his busy schedule. Anna then realized that Ian was not “just another guy” and the couple quickly fell in love.

Now, for the proposal…

Ian called Anna at work one day telling her to take off work for a week in June because he had just booked a room at one of their favorite vacation spots, St. Michaels, MD.  Anna was hesitant and worried about taking off work because this trip was only 2 weeks away. Anna’s boss did approve the vacation and 2 weeks later Ian and Anna were on their way to St. Michaels, MD.  For dinner one night, they went to a little crab shack across the the bay. Ian kept his cool throughout the entire dinner. They ventured back to the hotel and Anna walked into their room to 2 dozen red roses in front of the huge bay window as the sun was setting. Anna turned around in shock and Ian got down on one knee and proposed. The couple enjoyed a bottle of their favorite wine, Frogs Leap Merlot, out on the deck watching the sunset.

How romantic! Did you get goosebumps after reading their story? I know I did. ❤

This beautiful couple’s wedding took place on May 12, 2017 at the Inn at Leola Village. Their ceremony and celebration was at the Inn’s Casa di Fiori venue; a gorgeous indoor space filled with so much charm! Although the weather wasn’t very spring-like, the day was perfect! It rained just a little bit, but hey, that’s good luck, right?! I loved everything about Anna and Ian’s wedding day, and I enjoyed spending time with them, their awesome bridal party, and sweet families and friends!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Reddinger! I am so happy for you both, and I can’t wait to see where life takes you. I just know it’ll be amazing! Xoxo!2017-05-18_00032017-05-18_00042017-05-18_00052017-05-18_00062017-05-18_00072017-05-18_00082017-05-18_00092017-05-18_00102017-05-18_00112017-05-18_00122017-05-18_00132017-05-18_00142017-05-18_00152017-05-18_00162017-05-18_00172017-05-18_01562017-05-18_01572017-05-18_00182017-05-18_00192017-05-18_00202017-05-18_00212017-05-18_00222017-05-18_00232017-05-18_00242017-05-18_00252017-05-18_00282017-05-18_00292017-05-18_00302017-05-18_00312017-05-18_00322017-05-18_00332017-05-18_00342017-05-18_00352017-05-18_00362017-05-18_00372017-05-18_00382017-05-18_00392017-05-18_0040Heading down to what Anna refers to as their “Faux First Look.” ❤2017-05-18_00412017-05-18_00422017-05-18_00432017-05-18_00442017-05-18_00452017-05-18_00462017-05-18_00472017-05-18_00482017-05-18_00492017-05-18_00502017-05-18_00512017-05-18_00522017-05-18_00532017-05-18_00542017-05-18_00552017-05-18_00562017-05-18_00572017-05-18_00582017-05-18_00592017-05-18_00602017-05-18_00612017-05-18_00622017-05-18_00632017-05-18_00642017-05-18_00652017-05-18_00662017-05-18_00672017-05-18_00682017-05-18_00692017-05-18_00702017-05-18_00712017-05-18_00722017-05-18_00732017-05-18_00742017-05-18_00752017-05-18_00762017-05-18_00772017-05-18_0158.jpg2017-05-18_00782017-05-18_00792017-05-18_00802017-05-18_00812017-05-18_00822017-05-18_0159.jpg2017-05-18_00832017-05-18_00842017-05-18_00852017-05-18_00862017-05-18_00872017-05-18_00882017-05-18_00892017-05-18_00902017-05-18_00912017-05-18_00922017-05-18_00932017-05-18_00942017-05-18_00952017-05-18_00962017-05-18_00972017-05-18_00982017-05-18_00992017-05-18_01002017-05-18_01012017-05-18_01022017-05-18_01032017-05-18_01042017-05-18_01052017-05-18_01062017-05-18_01072017-05-18_01082017-05-18_01092017-05-18_01102017-05-18_01112017-05-18_01122017-05-18_01132017-05-18_01142017-05-18_01152017-05-18_01162017-05-18_01172017-05-18_0120Anna and Ian had a choreographed first dance. They did an amazing job!2017-05-18_01212017-05-18_01222017-05-18_01232017-05-18_01242017-05-18_01252017-05-18_01262017-05-18_01272017-05-18_01282017-05-18_01292017-05-18_01302017-05-18_01312017-05-18_01322017-05-18_01332017-05-18_01342017-05-18_01352017-05-18_01362017-05-18_0137Anna was cracking up at the slice of cake they ended up cutting. Not gonna to lie; so was I! 2017-05-18_01382017-05-18_01392017-05-18_01402017-05-18_01412017-05-18_01422017-05-18_01432017-05-18_01442017-05-18_01452017-05-18_01462017-05-18_01472017-05-18_01482017-05-18_01492017-05-18_0150This guy was so comical during Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean!’ His dance moves impressed us all.2017-05-18_01512017-05-18_01522017-05-18_01532017-05-18_0154And, they lived happily ever after!2017-05-18_0155

Vendor Credits:
Venue | The Inn at Leola Village – Casa di Fiori
Photographer | Tracey Krick Photography
Videographer | Brandon Krick – Tracey Krick Photography
Wedding Coordinator | Tara Ash at The Inn at Leola Village
Florist | Village Floral at The Inn at Leola Village
Cake | La Terra Bakery & Catering at The Inn at Leola Village
Catering | La Terra Bakery & Catering at The Inn at Leola Village
DJ | CD Entertainment
Uplighting | CD Entertainment
Ceiling Drapes | Simple Soiree
Dress | The Bridal Emporium
Bridesmaids Dresses | Alfred Angelo
Groomsmen and Groom Attire | Men’s Wearhouse
Hair | Destinations Hair Studio & Spa
Make-Up | Kate Cusamano