Daniela + Eric | Willow Park | Camp Hill, PA Engagement Photographer

Daniela + Eric met through mutual friends back in 2004. There was an immediate connection; however, the timing wasn’t quite right. Life went on, and a decade later, Daniela wanted to seek out Eric to see if that connection was still there. On May 18, 2014 they met again. As if no time had passed, they immediately rekindled their love, leaving together, hand-in-hand, and becoming inseparable.

They had discussed marriage and even looked at rings together, so it was very clear that a proposal would be coming soon! Daniela thought maybe on their summer vacation, or possibly a holiday. Christmas of 2015 came, presents were unwrapped, but NO RING. Daniela, a little disappointed, thought to herself, “New Year’s is right around the corner, that must be when he’ll do it!”

Later on Christmas morning, Eric offered to run to Starbucks. When he returned he had a much smaller coffee than expected. (He filled a small empty coffee cup with her ring.) As she grabbed the coffee, she noticed it wasn’t the same and looked inside to find what she had been waiting for! A RING! He DID propose on Christmas!

Daniela and Eric will be getting married at Kennedy Family Farms on September 30th, 2017. Daniela’s adorable son and daughter will be a special part of their day, which is so sweet! Eric, you are blessed with an immediate family!

I am so excited to capture their day and to celebrate their love! Thank you guys so much for having me. I’ll see you so soon! ❤2017-08-09_00012017-08-09_00022017-08-09_00032017-08-09_00042017-08-09_00052017-08-09_00062017-08-09_00072017-08-09_00082017-08-09_00092017-08-09_00102017-08-09_00112017-08-09_00122017-08-09_0013FAVORITE!2017-08-09_00142017-08-09_00152017-08-09_00162017-08-09_00172017-08-09_00182017-08-09_00192017-08-09_00202017-08-09_00212017-08-09_00222017-08-09_0023

Sara + Andrew Zellers | Bent Creek Country Club | Lititz, PA Wedding Photographer

It seriously feels like yesterday that Brandon and I were traveling to Ocean City, MD for Sara + Andy’s engagement session. Take us back! Time flies so quickly. Make sure you take a look at their gorgeous beach session here.

Now I can’t believe I’m blogging their WEDDING DAY! And what a beautiful day it was. But first, let’s read a little about this darling couple and how they met…

Sara and Andy met in October of 2009 through mutual friends and MySpace. (Hey! I met my husband on MySpace, too!) They met in person in November when they were texting, and realized they were both shopping in the same area on Black Friday and decided to meet up with each other. Andrew officially asked Sara to be his girlfriend on Christmas Day of that same year. They have been best friends ever since!

During the summer of 2015, Sara and Andy went to their usual vacation spot in Ocean City, Maryland. They planned to go down for a whole week. On August 1st, their first morning there, they decided to go see the sunrise (and it was the perfect morning to do so! Sara says it was gorgeous!). They ended up sitting on the 21st Street beach, and as the sun was coming up, Andrew stood and asked Sara to stand as well. He bent down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked her to marry him. She (of course) said YES!!

Now that you know a little about their dating years and proposal, let’s talk more about their Bent Creek Country Club wedding! They were married on Saturday, July 29th, and unlike most July weddings, it was unusually cool and didn’t feel like a summer wedding at all! It was very nice.

Bent Creek is nestled in the suburbs of Lancaster County and is such a classy venue. The landscaping was amazing! All the stunning details, Sara’s dress, and the love surrounding the newlyweds were my favorite things about the Zellers wedding.

Sara + Andy, congratulations to you both! What a beautiful wedding you had. The last two years of planning really paid off. I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Jamaica right now! Thank you so much for having me be a part of your day. ❤2017-08-02_00012017-08-02_00022017-08-02_00032017-08-02_00042017-08-02_00052017-08-02_00062017-08-02_00072017-08-02_00082017-08-02_00092017-08-02_00102017-08-02_00112017-08-02_00122017-08-02_0013.12017-08-02_00132017-08-02_00142017-08-02_00152017-08-02_00162017-08-02_00172017-08-02_00182017-08-02_00192017-08-02_00202017-08-02_00222017-08-02_00232017-08-02_00242017-08-02_0025.12017-08-02_00252017-08-02_00262017-08-02_00272017-08-02_00282017-08-02_0029I just HAD to be in one bridal party photo since I matched them perfectly. 😉2017-08-02_00302017-08-02_00312017-08-02_00322017-08-02_00332017-08-02_00342017-08-02_00352017-08-02_00362017-08-02_00372017-08-02_00382017-08-02_00392017-08-02_0041.12017-08-02_00412017-08-02_00422017-08-02_00432017-08-02_00442017-08-02_00452017-08-02_00462017-08-02_00472017-08-02_00492017-08-02_0050.02017-08-02_00502017-08-02_0052.12017-08-02_00522017-08-02_00532017-08-02_0054.12017-08-02_00542017-08-02_00552017-08-02_0056.12017-08-02_00562017-08-02_00572017-08-02_00582017-08-02_00592017-08-02_00602017-08-02_00612017-08-02_00642017-08-02_00652017-08-02_00662017-08-02_00682017-08-02_00692017-08-02_00702017-08-02_00712017-08-02_00722017-08-02_00732017-08-02_00742017-08-02_00752017-08-02_00762017-08-02_00772017-08-02_00782017-08-02_00792017-08-02_00802017-08-02_00812017-08-02_00822017-08-02_00832017-08-02_0084.12017-08-02_00842017-08-02_00862017-08-02_00872017-08-02_00882017-08-02_00892017-08-02_00902017-08-02_00912017-08-02_00922017-08-02_00932017-08-02_00942017-08-02_00952017-08-02_00962017-08-02_00972017-08-02_00982017-08-02_00992017-08-02_01002017-08-02_01012017-08-02_01022017-08-02_01032017-08-02_01042017-08-02_01052017-08-02_01062017-08-02_01072017-08-02_01082017-08-02_01092017-08-02_01102017-08-02_01112017-08-02_01122017-08-02_01132017-08-02_01142017-08-02_01152017-08-02_01162017-08-02_01172017-08-02_01182017-08-02_01192017-08-02_01202017-08-02_01212017-08-02_01222017-08-02_01232017-08-02_01242017-08-02_01252017-08-02_01262017-08-02_0127


Vendor Credits:
Photographer | Tracey Krick Photography
Second Shooter | Tori Petrillo Photography
Venue | Bent Creek Country Club
Dress | David’s Bridal
Veil & Hairpiece | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse
Hair & Makeup | Amber Deitzler & Friends
Flowers | Michaels
Cake | All That & A Bag of Chips
Caterer | Bent Creek Catering
DJ | Leeroy Williams of Klock Entertainment
Lighting | Klock Entertainment
Invitations | Gartner

Alyssa + Anthony | Conestoga House & Gardens | Lancaster, PA Engagement Photographer

Lancaster is such a pretty area, and I’ve wanted to shoot more there, so when Alyssa + Anthony were up for a session at the Conestoga House & Gardens, I was elated! This location is STUNNING, and it’s almost like a tiny Longwood Gardens. Read more about what their displays include, or better yet, go on a tour! The history is also really fascinating.

Thanks to my sweet friends for coming out and modeling in the heat that day! It was so hot, but you’d never be able to tell by the photos. They did such a great job; I was so impressed!

I’ll see you guys before you know it! ❤ 2017-07-24_00012017-07-24_00022017-07-24_00032017-07-24_00042017-07-24_00052017-07-24_00062017-07-24_00072017-07-24_00082017-07-24_00092017-07-24_00102017-07-24_00112017-07-24_00122017-07-24_00132017-07-24_00142017-07-24_00152017-07-24_00162017-07-24_00172017-07-24_00182017-07-24_00192017-07-24_00202017-07-24_00212017-07-24_00222017-07-24_00232017-07-24_00242017-07-24_00252017-07-24_00262017-07-24_00272017-07-24_00282017-07-24_00292017-07-24_00302017-07-24_00312017-07-24_00322017-07-24_00332017-07-24_00342017-07-24_00352017-07-24_00362017-07-24_00372017-07-24_00382017-07-24_00392017-07-24_0040

Kim + Dalton | Dallastown, PA Engagement Photographer

Kim + Dalton met one day when she was doing her student teaching and he was a substitute teacher at Annville Elementary. She was in her senior year of college at Lebanon Valley. Dalton was an Annville, PA native and graduated two years before her from Messiah College. They were both walking into the elementary school and Dalton held the door open for Kim. She describes it as truly being love at first sight.

This adorable couple dated for a little over two years before Dalton proposed on New Year’s Eve! They were in Northampton, MA, for this Canadian band, Enter the Haggis‘ New Year’s Extravaganza. Little did Kim know, Dalton had been planning for a while with the band members.

On New Year’s Eve, Dalton had them perform their song, “Cut the Lights,” which she had heard minutes before meeting Dalton. The lyrics say, “Love will come around at the strangest time,” and at that at the time, she was pretty frustrated with relationships, also finding out that Dalton was, too. Needless to say, that particular song became a really special song to Kim with that timing. On New Year’s Eve, the band played it, and during the instrumental break, they asked the couple to come up on stage, and Dalton got down on one knee and asked Kim to marry him!

It was such a special proposal to her, and it was even more special because the guys in the band have known her since she was 13 and have become some of her greatest friends. They were also surrounded by many other fellow fans/friends whom they’ve gotten to know throughout all the years Kim has been going to the shows. It really was the perfect time and setting! The ETH guys are some of the greatest people she knows. Kim learned later that the guys worked so hard to make it all perfect for her. They did multiple sound checks and messaged/talked to Dalton a lot. So it was incredible… PERFECT.

Kim and Dalton are actually the winners of my very first wedding giveaway! They will be getting married on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA, which is where Kim’s mom graduated from college. As a child, she got Kim involved with the college’s summer enrichment camp programs, and later, as she became too old to participate herself, she actually became an Irish dance instructor at the camps for 5 years in a row before she started her college career. Kim has been dreaming of getting married at Wilson College ever since she was a little girl. It has a beautiful campus with grassy open quads and a gorgeous horse barn and facility.

Congratulations on this exciting, new season of your lives, Kim + Dalton! I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day!2017-07-20_00012017-07-20_00022017-07-20_00032017-07-20_00042017-07-20_00052017-07-20_00062017-07-20_00072017-07-20_00082017-07-20_00092017-07-20_00102017-07-20_00112017-07-20_00122017-07-20_00132017-07-20_00142017-07-20_00152017-07-20_00162017-07-20_00172017-07-20_00182017-07-20_00192017-07-20_00202017-07-20_00212017-07-20_00222017-07-20_00232017-07-20_00242017-07-20_00252017-07-20_00262017-07-20_00272017-07-20_00282017-07-20_00292017-07-20_00302017-07-20_00312017-07-20_00322017-07-20_00332017-07-20_0034.jpg

Jenna, Kody, Amber, and Megan | Best Friends | Lebanon, PA High School Senior Photographer

Representing TKP has it’s perks, let me tell ya! And, if you don’t believe me, just ask Jenna! She was one of my 2016-2017 high school senior reps, and I just love her! She has won a few sessions from me just because of the amount of booked referrals she brought along my way. How awesome of her! I’m so grateful.

She won a best friends session after graduation (I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE’S DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!), so she brought her boyfriend, Kody, and her two BFF’s, Amber and Megan.

They thought of an awesome theme; AMERICA! They looked the part, that’s for sure!

Thank you guys so much for coming out and having a little photo shoot! You guys rock! Best of luck to you as your start your college careers next month. 🙂2017-07-14_00252017-07-14_00262017-07-14_00272017-07-14_00282017-07-14_00292017-07-14_00302017-07-14_00312017-07-14_00322017-07-14_00332017-07-14_00342017-07-14_00352017-07-14_00362017-07-14_00372017-07-14_00382017-07-14_00392017-07-14_00402017-07-14_00412017-07-14_00422017-07-14_00432017-07-14_00442017-07-14_00452017-07-14_0046

Lancaster Venue | 1777 Americana Inn Bed & Breakfast | Lancaster, PA Wedding Photographer

1777 Americana Inn Bed & Breakfast, a unique dual venue location in the heart of Lancaster County awaits YOU! If you’re planning an intimate wedding, elopement, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, baby shower, class reunion, and more – please check out this charming Inn!

They offer various packages and there’s even a brewery (Black Forest Brewery)! How cool is that?!

I always love coming back to the Inn to work with Denise and her team! This styled wedding shoot was so much fun, even with how hot it was that day. I hope that the photos below will encourage you to visit the Inn and brewery. Don’t wait – schedule your stay today!2017-07-14_00012017-07-14_00022017-07-14_00032017-07-14_00042017-07-14_00052017-07-14_00062017-07-14_00072017-07-14_00082017-07-14_00092017-07-14_00102017-07-14_00112017-07-14_00122017-07-14_00132017-07-14_00142017-07-14_00152017-07-14_00162017-07-14_00172017-07-14_00182017-07-14_00192017-07-14_00202017-07-14_00212017-07-14_00222017-07-14_00232017-07-14_0024

Courtney + Jared Kreiser | Fairview Golf Course | Lebanon, PA Wedding Photographer

Where, oh where do I start? Courtney and Jared are the epitome of a down-to-earth, sweet & genuine couple. I just LOVE them, and I know you will, too! Read more about their love story here.

Their wedding day was filled with so much fun, beauty, charm, and moments of patience during the storm that came through. All the rain we had that day only set us back by a half an hour.

While we waited for the storm to pass, Courtney and her girls, Jared and his guys, and all of their friends and families either hung out inside or waited safely back at the church. As soon as it ended, the shuttle bus brought everyone back and the ceremony soon began!

The wedding took place at Courtney’s sister, Samantha’s house, and what a beautiful setting it was! The landscaping was just gorgeous (awesome job, Tim!). There were so many cute spots on the property for photos. I seriously loved everything about the Kreiser wedding… the handmade signs and boutonniere holders (made out of bullet casings) made by the bride herself, the beautiful flowers, the color scheme, all the glitter and gold, and most importantly, the love & joy that surrounded this dear couple all throughout the day!

Courtney and Jared, I can’t thank you enough for having me be a part of your special day! It’s truly an honor to work with such kind and loving couples. I feel so blessed to know you! Congratulations again! I’m so excited to see where married life takes you. ❤2017-07-12_00012017-07-12_00022017-07-12_00032017-07-12_00042017-07-12_0005.jpg2017-07-12_00062017-07-12_00072017-07-12_00082017-07-12_00092017-07-12_00102017-07-12_00112017-07-12_00122017-07-12_00132017-07-12_00142017-07-12_00152017-07-12_00162017-07-12_00172017-07-12_00182017-07-12_00192017-07-12_00202017-07-12_00212017-07-12_00222017-07-12_00232017-07-12_00242017-07-12_00252017-07-12_00262017-07-12_00272017-07-12_0028.jpg2017-07-12_00292017-07-12_00302017-07-12_00312017-07-12_00322017-07-12_00332017-07-12_00342017-07-12_00352017-07-12_00362017-07-12_00372017-07-12_00382017-07-12_00392017-07-12_00402017-07-12_00412017-07-12_00422017-07-12_00432017-07-12_00442017-07-12_00452017-07-12_00462017-07-12_00472017-07-12_0048.jpg2017-07-12_0049.jpg2017-07-12_00502017-07-12_00512017-07-12_00522017-07-12_00532017-07-12_00542017-07-12_00552017-07-12_00562017-07-12_00572017-07-12_00582017-07-12_00592017-07-12_00602017-07-12_00612017-07-12_00622017-07-12_00632017-07-12_00642017-07-12_00652017-07-12_00662017-07-12_00682017-07-12_00692017-07-12_00702017-07-12_00712017-07-12_00722017-07-12_00732017-07-12_00742017-07-12_00752017-07-12_00762017-07-12_00772017-07-12_00782017-07-12_00792017-07-12_00802017-07-12_00812017-07-12_00822017-07-12_00832017-07-12_00842017-07-12_00852017-07-12_0104.jpg2017-07-12_00862017-07-12_00872017-07-12_0097.jpg2017-07-12_0089.jpg2017-07-12_0088.jpg2017-07-12_00902017-07-12_00912017-07-12_00922017-07-12_00932017-07-12_00942017-07-12_00952017-07-12_00962017-07-12_00982017-07-12_00992017-07-12_01002017-07-12_01012017-07-12_01022017-07-12_0103.jpg2017-07-12_0105.jpg2017-07-12_0107.jpg2017-07-12_0114.jpg2017-07-12_0106.jpg2017-07-12_01082017-07-12_0118.jpg2017-07-12_01092017-07-12_01102017-07-12_01112017-07-12_01122017-07-12_01132017-07-12_01152017-07-12_01162017-07-12_01172017-07-12_01192017-07-12_01202017-07-12_01212017-07-12_01222017-07-12_01232017-07-12_01242017-07-12_01252017-07-12_01262017-07-12_01272017-07-12_01282017-07-12_01292017-07-12_01302017-07-12_01312017-07-12_01322017-07-12_01332017-07-12_0178.jpg2017-07-12_01342017-07-12_01352017-07-12_01362017-07-12_01372017-07-12_01382017-07-12_01392017-07-12_01402017-07-12_01412017-07-12_01422017-07-12_01432017-07-12_01442017-07-12_01452017-07-12_01462017-07-12_01472017-07-12_01482017-07-12_01492017-07-12_01502017-07-12_01512017-07-12_01522017-07-12_01532017-07-12_01542017-07-12_01552017-07-12_01562017-07-12_01572017-07-12_0175.jpg2017-07-12_01582017-07-12_01592017-07-12_01602017-07-12_01612017-07-12_0176.jpg2017-07-12_01622017-07-12_0177.jpg2017-07-12_01632017-07-12_01642017-07-12_01652017-07-12_0167.jpg2017-07-12_01682017-07-12_01692017-07-12_01702017-07-12_01712017-07-12_01722017-07-12_01732017-07-12_0174.jpg2017-07-12_0184.jpg2017-07-12_01792017-07-12_01802017-07-12_0185.jpg2017-07-12_01822017-07-12_0183.jpg2017-07-12_01872017-07-12_01882017-07-12_01892017-07-12_01902017-07-12_01912017-07-12_0192Thank you to Jared and his fellow firefighters for all they do! You are all heroes. 2017-07-12_01932017-07-12_0186.jpgAnd, they lived happily ever after! ❤


Vendor Credits:
Venue | Private Residence and Fairview Golf Course
Photographer | Tracey Krick Photography
Dress | David’s Bridal
Veil | David’s Bridal
Accessories | Dress Barn
Shoes | Nine West
Bridesmaids Dresses | Alfred Angelo
Florist | EverAfter Floral Design
DJ| Dave Styles
Cake | Musser’s Market
Catering | QT Catering
Groom and Groomsmen Attire | JF J. Ferrar
Hair Salon | A New You Salon
Invitations | Shutterfly
Additional Rentals | Eagle Rental