Skye + Sean Strausbaugh | Historic Acres of Hershey | Elizabethtown, PA Wedding Photographer

What does racing have to do with Skye + Sean’s love story? EVERYTHING. It all started back in 2009, when they didn’t officially meet. Sean was working for Jesse Hockett and Skye was Miss Thunder on the Hill at Grandview Speedway. Jesse won the USAC Wingless Sprint Cars feature and it just so happens that Skye was the person standing right in front of Sean in the picture that was taken.

A couple years later in 2011, Skye’s dad, who’s name is also Sean, was already hurt and done with racing. Her dad was best friends with Mike Heffner, owner of car #27. Sean was now working for Mike and Daryn Pittman, and that’s how Skye’s dad and Sean became friends. She always looked at Sean as just that, her dad’s friend. He would come to their house or they would meet him for dinner. Skye says she hated it; no girl wants to hang out with their dad’s friends and feel like the outcast.

As Sean would say “It all started in turn 1.” Skye remembers Dirt Car Nationals at Volusia when it did nothing but rain that Friday night, and they didn’t cancel until about 1AM. That’s when Sean did what ever he could to get her to talk to him. He messaged her multiple times that weekend on Facebook, and he was very concerned if she needed a ride to and from the track since Skye’s mom and step-dad’s house was in a private gated community.

Two weeks after Dirt Car Nationals, Sean came back to Pennsylvania, and the rest is history!

The beautiful pair held their stunning wedding on December 2nd, 2017 at Historic Acres of Hershey. It was a chilly day, but so gorgeous! Lots of laughs, love, dancing, and pine cones. The reception space looked magical! (See for yourself down below!)

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Strausbaugh! Thank you so much for the wonderful privilege of photographing your wedding day! ♥
2017-12-14_00012017-12-14_0122.jpg2017-12-14_00022017-12-14_00032017-12-14_00042017-12-14_00052017-12-14_00062017-12-14_00072017-12-14_00082017-12-14_00092017-12-14_00102017-12-14_00112017-12-14_00122017-12-14_00132017-12-14_0014Grandma’s pearls; so beautiful!2017-12-14_00152017-12-14_00162017-12-14_00172017-12-14_00182017-12-14_00192017-12-14_00202017-12-14_00212017-12-14_00222017-12-14_00232017-12-14_00242017-12-14_0030.jpg2017-12-14_00252017-12-14_0031.jpg2017-12-14_00262017-12-14_00272017-12-14_00282017-12-14_00292017-12-14_0032.jpg2017-12-14_00332017-12-14_00342017-12-14_00352017-12-14_00362017-12-14_00372017-12-14_00382017-12-14_00392017-12-14_00402017-12-14_0176.jpg2017-12-14_00422017-12-14_00432017-12-14_00442017-12-14_00452017-12-14_00462017-12-14_00772017-12-14_00782017-12-14_00472017-12-14_00482017-12-14_00492017-12-14_0079.jpg2017-12-14_0080.jpg2017-12-14_0177.jpg2017-12-14_00512017-12-14_0081.jpg2017-12-14_00522017-12-14_00532017-12-14_00542017-12-14_00552017-12-14_00562017-12-14_00572017-12-14_0082.jpg2017-12-14_00582017-12-14_00592017-12-14_00832017-12-14_00842017-12-14_00852017-12-14_00862017-12-14_00872017-12-14_00602017-12-14_00612017-12-14_00622017-12-14_00632017-12-14_00642017-12-14_00652017-12-14_00662017-12-14_00672017-12-14_00682017-12-14_00692017-12-14_00702017-12-14_00712017-12-14_00722017-12-14_00732017-12-14_00742017-12-14_00752017-12-14_00762017-12-14_00882017-12-14_00892017-12-14_00902017-12-14_00912017-12-14_00922017-12-14_00932017-12-14_00942017-12-14_00952017-12-14_00962017-12-14_00972017-12-14_00982017-12-14_00992017-12-14_01002017-12-14_01012017-12-14_01022017-12-14_01032017-12-14_01042017-12-14_01052017-12-14_01062017-12-14_01072017-12-14_01082017-12-14_01092017-12-14_01112017-12-14_01122017-12-14_01132017-12-14_01142017-12-14_01152017-12-14_01162017-12-14_01172017-12-14_01182017-12-14_01192017-12-14_01202017-12-14_01212017-12-14_01232017-12-14_01242017-12-14_01252017-12-14_01262017-12-14_01272017-12-14_01282017-12-14_01292017-12-14_01302017-12-14_01312017-12-14_01322017-12-14_01332017-12-14_01342017-12-14_01352017-12-14_01362017-12-14_01372017-12-14_01382017-12-14_01402017-12-14_01412017-12-14_01392017-12-14_01422017-12-14_01432017-12-14_01442017-12-14_01452017-12-14_01462017-12-14_0147Pretty sure this is Skye warning Sean NOT to smash cake in her face… lol!2017-12-14_01482017-12-14_01492017-12-14_01502017-12-14_01512017-12-14_01522017-12-14_01532017-12-14_01542017-12-14_01552017-12-14_01562017-12-14_01572017-12-14_01582017-12-14_01592017-12-14_01602017-12-14_01612017-12-14_01622017-12-14_01632017-12-14_01642017-12-14_01652017-12-14_01662017-12-14_01672017-12-14_01682017-12-14_01692017-12-14_01702017-12-14_01712017-12-14_01722017-12-14_01732017-12-14_01742017-12-14_0175

Vendor Credits:
Photographer | Tracey Krick Photography
Second Shooter | Rebecca Shivers Photography
Venue | Historic Acres of Hershey
Dress | Justin Alexander from In White
Florist | Nature’s Harmony
DJ| Klock Entertainment
Videographer | Moving Memories Video
Cake | Cozze Cakes
Catering | Patty Armburst and Company
Bridesmaids Dresses | In White
Groom and Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse
Hair & Make-Up | Karalee and Cassi Pinder
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas

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