The Pepplers | Brasenhill Mansion | Family Photographer in Lebanon, PA

Even though they’re already married, Jessica and James are really excited to finally have the day they’ve been dreaming of for a long time, their wedding day!

Every time they planned their wedding, James would end up getting deployed, so their wedding day had to wait. Now that he’s home, they have their wedding planned for August 25th of 2018 at the beautiful Brasenhill Mansion.

I am so honored to photograph this special event, and I can’t wait to work with this precious family again next year!2017-11-09_00012017-11-09_00022017-11-09_00032017-11-09_00042017-11-09_00052017-11-09_00062017-11-09_00072017-11-09_00082017-11-09_00092017-11-09_00102017-11-09_00112017-11-09_00122017-11-09_00132017-11-09_00142017-11-09_00152017-11-09_00162017-11-09_00172017-11-09_00182017-11-09_00192017-11-09_00202017-11-09_00212017-11-09_00222017-11-09_00232017-11-09_00242017-11-09_00252017-11-09_00262017-11-09_00272017-11-09_00282017-11-09_00292017-11-09_00302017-11-09_00312017-11-09_00322017-11-09_00332017-11-09_00342017-11-09_00352017-11-09_00362017-11-09_0037

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