The Alexanders | Founders Hall | Family Photographer in Hershey, PA

Now that wedding season is slowly winding down for me, I get to work with more beautiful families like the Alexanders. I had a blast with them this week!

Fall is the perfect time to have your family portraits taken! I only have a couple more dates left for family sessions for the season. Contact me to book your session today!2017-10-20_00432017-10-20_00442017-10-20_00452017-10-20_00462017-10-20_00472017-10-20_00482017-10-20_00492017-10-20_00502017-10-20_00512017-10-20_00522017-10-20_00532017-10-20_00542017-10-20_00552017-10-20_00562017-10-20_00572017-10-20_00582017-10-20_00592017-10-20_00602017-10-20_00612017-10-20_00622017-10-20_00632017-10-20_0064

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