Heather + Pete | Overlook Park | Lancaster, PA Engagement Photographer

Heather + Pete met through a mutual friend from work who will actually be officiating their June 8th, 2018 wedding at Riverdale Manor. This super gorgeous couple started dating in June of 2015 and became engaged on March 2nd of this year.

Their proposal story is so sweet! Pete was originally supposed to wait until his mother came up to visit to propose to Heather, but after he got the ring, he just could not wait. So, he strategically placed it in the refrigerator while Heather was out getting groceries, and when she came back and opened the door to the frig, there the ring was waiting for her!

One of Heather’s favorite memories from when they were dating was when Pete had just got his truck fixed, and he wanted to take her out to dinner and show her his sound system. They were sitting in his truck in the parking lot of a Dundalk Diner late at night. He said he wanted to play a song for her, so he started playing ‘Free’ by Zach Brown Band. He sang along to it, and Heather says that it didn’t sound too bad either! This was the most romantic night she remembers with Pete.

They are really looking forward to marrying each other and being surrounded by their closest friends and family members.

Heather + Pete, congratulations to you both! I can’t wait to work with you again and to meet all of your friends and families! Your wedding is going to be a BLAST! Thank you for allowing me to capture your sweet love story. ❤2017-06-15_00012017-06-15_00022017-06-15_00032017-06-15_00042017-06-15_00052017-06-15_00062017-06-15_00072017-06-15_00082017-06-15_00092017-06-15_00102017-06-15_00112017-06-15_00122017-06-15_00132017-06-15_00142017-06-15_00152017-06-15_00162017-06-15_00172017-06-15_00182017-06-15_00192017-06-15_00202017-06-15_00212017-06-15_00222017-06-15_00232017-06-15_00242017-06-15_00252017-06-15_00262017-06-15_00272017-06-15_00282017-06-15_00292017-06-15_00302017-06-15_0031

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