Linwood Estate | A Kelli Wyland Photography Wedding

The last wedding for 2016 I shot was with Kelli Wyland Photography. I had so much fun with her last year (it feels weird saying LAST YEAR when it was only a few days ago)!

Kelli’s December 10th wedding took place at Linwood Estate, a stunning wedding venue in Carlisle, PA. The historic mansion and Appalachian ballroom were breathtaking. I would certainly not be disappointed if I happened to shoot a wedding here in the future. 😉

Congratulations to the extremely beautiful couple, Paige + Scott! You were a blast to work with, and I wish you years and years of marital bliss!

A big thank you to Kelli for having me second shoot! It was a pleasure getting to know you and work alongside of you. I hope 2017 treats you very well, and I look forward to when we can work together again! Xo!2017-01-05_00012017-01-05_00022017-01-05_00032017-01-05_00042017-01-05_00052017-01-05_00062017-01-05_00072017-01-05_00082017-01-05_00092017-01-05_00102017-01-05_00112017-01-05_00122017-01-05_00132017-01-05_00142017-01-05_00152017-01-05_00162017-01-05_00172017-01-05_00182017-01-05_00192017-01-05_00202017-01-05_00212017-01-05_00222017-01-05_00232017-01-05_00242017-01-05_00252017-01-05_00262017-01-05_00272017-01-05_00282017-01-05_00292017-01-05_00302017-01-05_00312017-01-05_00322017-01-05_00332017-01-05_00342017-01-05_00352017-01-05_00362017-01-05_00372017-01-05_00382017-01-05_00392017-01-05_00402017-01-05_00412017-01-05_00422017-01-05_00432017-01-05_00442017-01-05_00452017-01-05_00462017-01-05_00472017-01-05_00482017-01-05_00492017-01-05_00502017-01-05_00512017-01-05_00522017-01-05_00532017-01-05_00542017-01-05_00552017-01-05_00562017-01-05_00572017-01-05_00582017-01-05_00592017-01-05_00602017-01-05_00612017-01-05_00622017-01-05_00632017-01-05_00642017-01-05_00652017-01-05_0066

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