Lauxmont Farms | A Hillary Muelleck Photography Wedding

Shooting with Hillary Muelleck this year was so much fun! I definitely learned a lot from this talented, sweet girl, and I really hope that we can work together again soon!

Her clients, Jessie & Kevin Moll, were so dear and so gorgeous! Their rainy wedding day at Lauxmont Farms was just beautiful. It pretty much rained the whole day, but that didn’t stop them from having a blast. They put their trust in Hillary, who recommended that we stay outside for as long as we can, even in the rain. Besides the overcast skies (which provide pretty, even lighting), can you tell that it was raining? No, I don’t think so. Their photos are beautiful, and I’m so glad Hillary did what she did! I think her clients are pretty happy, too.

I loved all of Jessie + Kevin’s gorgeous details, from the amazing florals to her exquisite gown. So dreamy!

Thank you, dear Hillary! I had so much fun with you and your amazing clients! Xoxo!2016-12-20_00012016-12-20_00022016-12-20_00032016-12-20_00042016-12-20_00052016-12-20_00062016-12-20_00072016-12-20_00082016-12-20_00092016-12-20_00112016-12-20_00122016-12-20_00132016-12-20_00142016-12-20_00152016-12-20_00162016-12-20_00172016-12-20_00182016-12-20_00192016-12-20_00202016-12-20_00212016-12-20_00222016-12-20_00232016-12-20_00242016-12-20_00252016-12-20_00262016-12-20_00272016-12-20_00282016-12-20_00292016-12-20_00302016-12-20_00312016-12-20_00322016-12-20_00332016-12-20_00342016-12-20_00352016-12-20_00362016-12-20_00372016-12-20_00382016-12-20_00392016-12-20_00402016-12-20_00412016-12-20_00422016-12-20_00432016-12-20_00442016-12-20_00452016-12-20_00462016-12-20_00472016-12-20_00482016-12-20_00492016-12-20_00502016-12-20_00522016-12-20_00532016-12-20_00542016-12-20_00552016-12-20_00562016-12-20_00572016-12-20_00582016-12-20_00592016-12-20_00602016-12-20_00612016-12-20_00622016-12-20_00512016-12-20_00632016-12-20_00642016-12-20_00652016-12-20_00662016-12-20_00672016-12-20_00682016-12-20_00692016-12-20_00702016-12-20_00712016-12-20_00722016-12-20_00742016-12-20_00752016-12-20_00762016-12-20_00772016-12-20_00782016-12-20_00792016-12-20_00802016-12-20_00812016-12-20_00822016-12-20_00832016-12-20_00842016-12-20_00852016-12-20_00862016-12-20_00872016-12-20_00882016-12-20_00892016-12-20_0090

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