Riverdale Manor | A Kelli Wyland Photography Wedding

2016-10-12_0033Shooting with Kelli Wyland Photography has become my favorite second shooting experience. She is so sweet and so talented! It’s fair to say that I have learned a lot from her just from working with her this year. So thankful!

Her clients, Megan and Steve Anderson, were married on August 26th at St. Anthony’s of Padua Catholic Church in Lancaster. Their reception took place at the dreamy Riverdale Manor also in Lancaster. Such a gorgeous venue!

Congratulations, Megan and Steve! Your wedding was just beautiful, and I’m so glad I could assist Kelli for your special day.

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy! 2016-10-12_00342016-10-12_00352016-10-12_00362016-10-12_00372016-10-12_00382016-10-12_00392016-10-12_00402016-10-12_0041The look of confusion and determination on their faces just makes me giggle! 2016-10-12_00422016-10-12_00432016-10-12_00442016-10-12_00452016-10-12_00462016-10-12_00472016-10-12_0076.jpg2016-10-12_00482016-10-12_00492016-10-12_00502016-10-12_00512016-10-12_00522016-10-12_00532016-10-12_00542016-10-12_00552016-10-12_00562016-10-12_00572016-10-12_00582016-10-12_00592016-10-12_00602016-10-12_00612016-10-12_00622016-10-12_00632016-10-12_00642016-10-12_00652016-10-12_00662016-10-12_00672016-10-12_00682016-10-12_00692016-10-12_00702016-10-12_00712016-10-12_00722016-10-12_00732016-10-12_00742016-10-12_00752016-10-12_00772016-10-12_0078These guys were hilarious!2016-10-12_00792016-10-12_00802016-10-12_00812016-10-12_00822016-10-12_00832016-10-12_00842016-10-12_00852016-10-12_00862016-10-12_00872016-10-12_0088

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