The Barn at Overlook | A Kelli Wyland Photography Wedding

This beautiful Lancaster wedding was an absolute DREAM! I’m so blessed to have been Kelli’s second shooter for this special occasion. She is the talent behind Kelli Wyland Photography. I’ve helped her with two of her weddings so far, and it’s just so much fun working with her!

Kelly and Jad said their ‘I do’s’ at Kelly’s parents’ gorgeous home. I remember telling Kelli that it could seriously be a venue all on its own! The house, the landscaping, the trees, the light… I could go on! Just beautiful.

I really enjoyed working with Jad, his best man, and his groomsmen. They were all so funny and lots of fun. They even had cool ideas for poses.

After the ceremony and cocktail hour, we all headed over to The Barn at Overlook where the newlyweds held their reception. What a fun party!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Your wedding was just so elegant and stunning! And thanks again, Kelli, for having me! I can’t wait for the next wedding we work together! 2016-07-14_00022016-07-14_00032016-07-14_00042016-07-14_00052016-07-14_00062016-07-14_00072016-07-14_00082016-07-14_00092016-07-14_00102016-07-14_00112016-07-14_00122016-07-14_00132016-07-14_0014If you only knew the story of the bow-tie. LOL! Thank the Lord for uncles who know how to tie them. Am I right?!2016-07-14_00152016-07-14_00162016-07-14_00172016-07-14_00182016-07-14_00192016-07-14_00202016-07-14_00212016-07-14_00222016-07-14_00232016-07-14_00242016-07-14_00252016-07-14_00262016-07-14_00272016-07-14_00282016-07-14_00292016-07-14_00302016-07-14_00312016-07-14_00322016-07-14_00332016-07-14_00472016-07-14_00482016-07-14_00502016-07-14_00752016-07-14_00342016-07-14_00352016-07-14_00362016-07-14_00372016-07-14_00382016-07-14_00392016-07-14_00402016-07-14_00412016-07-14_00422016-07-14_00432016-07-14_00442016-07-14_00452016-07-14_00462016-07-14_00492016-07-14_00542016-07-14_00562016-07-14_00842016-07-14_00012016-07-14_00512016-07-14_00522016-07-14_00532016-07-14_00572016-07-14_00582016-07-14_00592016-07-14_00602016-07-14_00612016-07-14_00622016-07-14_00632016-07-14_00642016-07-14_00652016-07-14_00662016-07-14_0067Oh, that light. I die! ❤2016-07-14_00682016-07-14_00692016-07-14_00702016-07-14_00712016-07-14_00742016-07-14_00762016-07-14_00772016-07-14_00782016-07-14_00792016-07-14_00802016-07-14_00812016-07-14_00822016-07-14_00832016-07-14_00852016-07-14_00862016-07-14_00872016-07-14_00882016-07-14_00892016-07-14_00902016-07-14_00912016-07-14_00922016-07-14_00932016-07-14_0055

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