Krysta + Kevin Gunderman | Brandywine Manor House | Honey Brook, PA Wedding Photographer

I met Krysta and Kevin through Brit and Tod Watts when I photographed their beautiful wedding last July (has it really been almost a year?!). I remember Krysta being so much fun during the Watts’ reception, and when I received an email from her regarding her very own wedding, I was ecstatic!

Krysta and Kevin got married at the most stunning venue in Honey Brook, PA; Brandywine Manor House. It offers it’s brides and grooms so many neat photo opportunities throughout the property. Needless to say, I was in HEAVEN! Just think “rustic elegance.” I would love tons more opportunities to photograph more weddings at this venue. So gorgeous!

It was such a joy to be a part of Krysta and Kevin’s wedding day. They are an extremely gorgeous looking couple who are so in love, and I couldn’t be happier for them! Their friends and family were so much fun. I also really appreciate how much Krysta made me feel like family. She is hysterical and I just love her!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Gunderman! I am so excited to see what new adventures you have together as husband + wife. Thank you so very much for having me be a part of your special day! ❤
2016-07-06_00312016-07-06_00322016-07-06_00332016-07-06_00342016-07-06_00352016-07-06_0036Krysta’s favorite song was on, so they left Tori and I for a little bit, but came back right away. Haha!2016-07-06_00372016-07-06_00382016-07-06_00392016-07-06_00402016-07-06_00412016-07-06_00422016-07-06_00452016-07-06_00462016-07-06_00472016-07-06_00482016-07-06_00492016-07-06_00562016-07-06_00572016-07-06_00582016-07-06_00592016-07-06_00602016-07-06_00612016-07-06_00632016-07-06_00642016-07-06_00652016-07-06_00662016-07-06_00942016-07-06_00022016-07-06_00032016-07-06_00042016-07-06_00052016-07-06_00062016-07-06_00072016-07-06_00082016-07-06_00092016-07-06_00782016-07-06_00792016-07-06_00802016-07-06_00812016-07-06_00822016-07-06_00832016-07-06_00842016-07-06_00852016-07-06_00862016-07-06_00872016-07-06_00882016-07-06_00892016-07-06_00902016-07-06_00912016-07-06_00922016-07-06_00932016-07-06_01272016-07-06_01322016-07-06_00182016-07-06_00192016-07-06_00202016-07-06_00212016-07-06_00222016-07-06_00232016-07-06_00242016-07-06_00272016-07-06_00502016-07-06_00512016-07-06_00522016-07-06_00102016-07-06_00112016-07-06_00122016-07-06_00132016-07-06_00142016-07-06_00152016-07-06_00162016-07-06_00172016-07-06_00952016-07-06_00962016-07-06_00972016-07-06_00982016-07-06_00992016-07-06_01002016-07-06_01082016-07-06_01092016-07-06_01102016-07-06_01112016-07-06_01282016-07-06_00532016-07-06_00542016-07-06_00552016-07-06_00692016-07-06_00702016-07-06_00712016-07-06_00722016-07-06_01212016-07-06_01422016-07-06_01012016-07-06_01022016-07-06_01032016-07-06_01042016-07-06_01052016-07-06_01062016-07-06_01142016-07-06_01152016-07-06_01162016-07-06_01172016-07-06_01182016-07-06_00682016-07-06_01192016-07-06_01202016-07-06_01072016-07-06_01242016-07-06_01462016-07-06_01222016-07-06_01232016-07-06_00252016-07-06_00262016-07-06_00282016-07-06_00292016-07-06_00302016-07-06_00432016-07-06_00442016-07-06_00622016-07-06_00732016-07-06_00742016-07-06_00752016-07-06_00762016-07-06_01122016-07-06_01252016-07-06_01262016-07-06_01292016-07-06_01302016-07-06_01312016-07-06_01332016-07-06_01432016-07-06_01442016-07-06_01452016-07-06_0147Two couples who are so dear to me! ❤2016-07-06_0001
Vendor credits:
Photographer | Tracey Krick Photography
Venue | Brandywine Manor House
Wedding Planner | Megan Udinski, Brandywine Manor House
Florist | Coatesville Flower Shop
DJ | Fred Alvisi, VIP DJ Entertainment
Cake | Karly Peifer
Caterer | Williamson Caterers
Dresses | David’s Bridal
Tuxes | Men’s Wearhouse
Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists | La Spina Salon and Spa

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