Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Hire a Wedding Cinematographer| Pennsylvania Wedding Cinematographer

Having a wedding film is usually considered a luxury and isn’t placed high on the list of wedding vendors that are priority. Why is that? Maybe it’s because couples aren’t adding it into their wedding budget from the very beginning, or maybe they think that since they already hired a photographer, they have no use for video. We want to know your thoughts! Please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

We are so not the pushy kind who pressures our clients into booking a service that they don’t want or that they don’t see as a crucial part of their wedding day… BUT! We wanted to share with you the top 5 reasons why we think you MUST hire a wedding cinematographer. Here they are:

Sure, having pretty photos to hang up on your walls or to share with your families and friends is a great way to look back on your day, but when you get to WATCH it over and over again, there truly is no greater way to re-live it! We all know that we wish we could go back to our wedding day and have the same feelings we felt when we saw our soon-to-be-spouse for the first time and all those awesome dance moves Grandma showed off during the reception.

Having a recording of your wedding day and being able to share that with your future children and even grandchildren, will be so amazing for them! They’ll be able to see how your love story began.

There are certain parts of your wedding day that you’ll have to miss, instances like when your flower girl walks down the aisle, or how your guests react to YOU walking down the aisle… video will capture everything so that you WILL be able to see and hear all those sweet moments.

When you invite your aunts, uncles, cousins, babies, and grandparents, it will be so special to look back on the moments shared with them and to see how much they’ve changed throughout the years.

Don’t let it get to the days, months, or years after your wedding, regretting your decision NOT to hire a wedding cinematographer! Talk to TKP couples or your friends who made the choice to include a cinematographer in their budget.

A video is able to capture the power of all the emotions felt on a wedding day. They make you laugh and cry, and when it’s over, it leaves you wanting to see MORE. Please consider including a cinematographer in your wedding budget, even if it’s not us! We really think you’ll be so happy with your decision if you choose to have a video.

If you would like more details on our video collections, please get in touch with us! We’d love to hear more about your love story, and to see if we’re a good fit for each other. You can also view more videos here.

Hugs and Happy Planning,
Tracey & Brandon

7 Reasons You Need a Day Of Coordinator

What is a Day Of Wedding Coordinator? Someone that aims for you and your new husband to have the BEST. DAY. EVER. She ensures that your day is stress-free and goes exactly as planned. She’ll work with your entire wedding vendor team, create a wedding day timeline to stay on task, and if any issues arise, she’ll be there to solve the problem!

My friend, Brittani Potts with One Wall Weddings, shares her top 7 reasons why you absolutely NEED to hire a Day Of Coordinator for your wedding:

  1. So you can control all aspects of your wedding without having stress on the day of.
  2. To have your plans organized without paying for a full-time wedding planner.
  3. To ensure your plans are carried out smoothly.
  4. To be the “go-to” person at your wedding.
  5. To discreetly handle any problems that may arise.
  6. To make the awkward decisions you don’t want to.
  7. So you can enjoy your own wedding day.

Even if your venue has a coordinator on staff, you really should think about having your own personal Day Of Coordinator. All of your needs will be met and your coordinator will be focused solely on YOU. She will be present throughout your entire wedding, which is not always the case for the venue’s appointed coordinator.

Get in touch with Brittani to hear more about her profession, the services she offers (she is also a super talented designer and creates amazing wedding invitations, logos, and more!), and your potential investment. Take it from someone who has worked with several coordinators at past weddings; they are such a blessing and they make the day go by smoothly for everyone involved. You can also find Brittani on Facebook and The Knot. Read what past brides are saying about her and contact her today!

How to Prepare for Rain on Your Wedding Day | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

No bride wants to think about this on her wedding day, but almost every bride does… RAIN! Some of the most beautiful photos can be taken on a rainy wedding day. Trust us!

Almost 10 years ago when we got married, it rained the morning of our wedding. Although we don’t have any pretty rainy wedding day portraits from our day to share with you, we can share our experience of documenting weddings in the rain.

We must say, we’ve learned to be prepared! Even if there is a 30% chance of rain on your wedding day, we will make sure we have umbrellas and other useful items to keep us dry and protected. Here are some helpful tips in order to prepare you for a rainy wedding day.

We will have a couple of clear umbrellas for you and your groom, and sometimes your venue may even have a few umbrellas to cover your bridal party. If the forecast calls for lots of rain, be sure to buy a few clear umbrellas. These can be found at Target.

We realize that’s easier said than done, but we can’t control mother nature, so we might as well make the best out of the situation and be HAPPY! If we are prepared as we possibly can be, there is no need to stress or worry about the rain. Your photos will still be BEAUTIFUL!

If your venue has lots of natural light coming through the windows, we can most likely stay inside for most of the portraits. However, if there is a covered porch or even a parking garage close by, we will use that location and stay outdoors.

If rain is going to be a part of your wedding day, it will be a part of your STORY. Allow us to get creative and trust in us to make the calls.2018-01-24_0001.jpg 2018-01-24_0004.jpg2018-01-24_0003.jpgIf it does rain on your wedding day, maybe you can do what Courtney & Jared did. They waited through the storm and eventually it cleared up and was sunny & gorgeous!2018-01-24_0005.jpgWe hope these tips will put you at ease if there is rain in the forecast for your wedding day.

Getting married in 2018 or 2019? Let’s chat. Coffee & donuts are on us! We can’t wait to hear all about your love story and what your dream wedding looks like!

Tracey & Brandon

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5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

You’re engaged to the love of your life (CONGRATS!), and now the wedding planning begins! This is the day you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, so you want everything to be perfect. Wedding planning should be enjoyable for the most part, but we know that’s not always the case. Hiring a team of professional wedding vendors can be an extreme task, but we’re here to make that a little less overwhelming and more fun for you.

Here are 5 questions that you should be prepared to ask a wedding photographer that you’re interested in working with.

#1. Do you have testimonials given by past brides that I can read? May I contact them?
You want to know what a photographic experience is like with the photographer you’re interested in hiring and working with for both your engagement session and wedding day. Most photographers have testimonials displayed right on their websites, or on their profiles with The Knot or WeddingWire. You want to hear all about a bride and groom’s connection to the photographer, how they performed, what their work is like, if they meet deadlines, etc. Even ask the photographer for names and contact info. of brides they’ve worked with so that you can speak to them over the phone.

#2. How many weddings do you shoot per month? How many total weddings have you shot all together?
You would like to hire a wedding photographer that responds to your emails and questions right away and who gives you the attention you deserve. If a wedding photographer is shooting practically every weekend of the year, that’s one busy schedule with tons of brides who are seeking their attention, too! Some photographers limit the amount of weddings they take on each year so that they are able to answer questions, help with the wedding day timeline, give advice, and so on. You also want to consider the number of weddings they shoot each month as that affects when your images will be delivered to you. Ask the wedding photographer how many weddings they have under their belt. Do you want a seasoned photographer who has shot for years and has tons of experience, or do you want a new photographer just getting started in the wedding industry, but has a heart of gold and a passion for the business? There are certainly pros and cons to both, and more often than not, budget plays a role in this decision. Think about this super important investment when talking with the photographer.

#3. May I see a full wedding gallery?
Social media shares the wedding day highlights. Blog posts are super helpful, but they do not show every single image that a wedding photographer delivers to their couple. Ask to see an entire wedding gallery. This will show you the getting ready shots, the bridal party, first look, family formals, the ceremony, and the reception. What do their photos look like when they shoot mid-day in full sun? If you’re having an indoor reception, you’ll want to see what their experience is in working with off-camera lighting or flash. Think about the parts of a wedding day that you want captured the most, look at their work, and make sure you love what you see!

#4. Do you have back-up equipment?
Ask the wedding photographer for a list of their equipment, and make sure they have more than one camera and a variety of lenses to suit any scenario.

#5. Have you ever worked at my wedding venue/site before?
It’s important for the wedding photographer that you’re working with to be familiar with your wedding location. They’ll know right where the perfect spots are for portraits, will know the rules of the venue, and will have already worked with the venue staff. If they haven’t worked at your wedding location before, that’s okay! Ask them if they’d be willing to take a trip to your venue a month before your wedding day, or see if they can arrive an hour early the day of your wedding.

Not only do you deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing photographic experience. Be sure to do your homework and think of other questions to ask in addition to these five.

Photography is a huge part of your wedding day. You leave your reception with your spouse and your pictures… that’s it! Ask these five questions and you’ll be sure to find a great wedding photographer who delivers exactly what you want.

Delivering Photos | PASS Gallery

If you’re a client of mine, you’ll recognize this name… PASS! It’s an awesome way of delivering photos online after a session or a wedding, and I’ve used it for the last 4 years. You’ll know that I’ve also continued to use SmugMug, another online gallery storage site that I started using right when I started my business 6 years ago.

Here’s a sweet little video that PASS put together for me to share with my lovely clients.

PASS recently came out with PASS PLUS, not to be confused with PASS. If I confused you, it’s okay! They’re pretty much the same thing, but PASS PLUS is a whole lot better. There are so many amazing features that I’m really starting to convince myself that I need to make the switch to PASS PLUS completely.

Why am I thinking of using PASS PLUS, you ask? I’ll tell ya why! I want my clients to have the BEST experience possible, and what I have been doing for the last year is probably just confusing my wedding clients by providing them with TWO galleries. Forgive me, guys! The reason I gave them access to two galleries is because I LOVED the way PASS categorized their photos. I could have a section for getting ready, formals, family formals, ceremony, reception, etc. It made it so much easier to look for a particular photo! SmugMug unfortunately does not offer that option.

Here are a few reasons why I love PASS PLUS already:

  • I can upload directly from Lightroom, the software that I use to edit all of my photos in. WHAT?! That’s a huge time-saver right there.
  • It’s super user-friendly for photographers and their clients!
  • The uploads and downloads are CRAZY fast!
  • PASS PLUS is the only gallery with a mobile app. Eeek! Share your photos directly from your phone, or save them!
  • You can order prints, canvases, and other products directly from my store. Yes, a store!

I think using PASS PLUS will create a much better client experience, so I talked myself into it. I’ll keep you guys updated, of course. I can’t wait to start using this online gallery!

2018 Couples’ Choice Awards Winner

We are THRILLED to be one of the top wedding photographers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on! WeddingWire Inc., the leading global online marketplace for the wedding and events industry, annually recognizes the top 5 percent of wedding professionals on WeddingWire who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. The top local wedding professionals in more than 20 service categories from venues to florists are awarded the prestigious accolade.

We were recognized as a recipient solely based on reviews from newlyweds and our experiences working with them. (Award-winning vendors are distinguished for the quality, quantity, consistency and timeliness of the reviews they have received from past clients.)

We would like to give the biggest THANK YOU and warmest virtual HUGS to all of our precious clients who took the time to share their experience with us and the world. You have no idea how helpful it is to newly engaged couples starting their wedding planning journey, and to us!

For our couples who have not yet reviewed us and would like to, please visit us on our WeddingWire storefront here. Upon leaving your review, we will add your name to the canvas giveaway and will announce the winner (chosen randomly) on February 1st, 2018. Mark your calendars, friends!

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts! 2018 is already off to a great start. ♥CCA18-Hi-Res-Suite-943x943



2017 Behind the Scenes

Guys, this is my very first BTS post! I’m super excited to share what a wedding day looks like behind the scenes and in the shoes of a wedding photographer. Of course not every moment is captured of us working, walking through muddy water, getting bitten in the ear, screaming when there is a bee in sight, etc. My team and I are busy focusing on my couple, their moments, and paying close attention to the sweet moments that happen throughout the wedding day.

Here are just a few photos that I found from a bunch of this year’s beautiful weddings. I actually started including a behind-the-scenes folder in my couple’s wedding galleries, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate looking back on and getting a kick out of.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through these photos and getting a feel for what a wedding photographer does! 2017-12-26_0001All right, guys! Let’s see your BEST pose. And, GO!!!2017-12-26_0002The cake always makes an appearance in our footage; not just because we want a bite of it. 2017-12-26_0003Heeeey, Tori! 2017-12-26_0004She’s such a wonderful second shooter/assistant! Holding my family portrait list and modeling at the same time. She’s one awesome multi-tasker!2017-12-26_0005Brandon and I were each other’s models. Haha!2017-12-26_0006Professional Dress Fluffer has been added to my resume. No joke!2017-12-26_0007Becky! I love this sweet friend of mine. She was helpful in so many ways!2017-12-26_0008Courtney’s flowers were so gorgeous! I, of course, had to get detail shots of those beauties. 2017-12-26_0009Starting out the day with Katie’s beautiful details. This is one of my most favorite parts of a wedding day! It sets the tone for the rest of the day, and from here, I can build onto my couple’s story.2017-12-26_0010Thank you to all of our couples who gave Brandon and I the opportunity to work together this year! We are so excited about becoming an official photo + video business. (Remember, we’ll be releasing our name and new look soon, so stay tuned!)2017-12-26_00112017-12-26_0012“No Katie, your piece is down here. That’s my piece!”2017-12-26_0013The wedding where I matched the bridesmaids perfectly! Ahh, a favorite.2017-12-26_0014Tori’s either getting ready to fluff Sara’s dress or looking for a bug. I sure hope not the latter!2017-12-26_0015Beautiful window light is where you’ll find me shooting details. 2017-12-26_0016Leeroy in the house! (Tori, too!)2017-12-26_0017Couples who want to do portraits in a rowboat out on the water are the BEST kind. (And don’t worry, I always wear shorts underneath my dresses.) 2017-12-26_0018Love this fun shot of Becky!2017-12-26_0019Getting ready for the cake cutting!2017-12-26_0020Goodness, Isobel’s details and getting ready space was a photographer’s dream!2017-12-26_0021Our friends from Modern Rebel & Co. and NST Pictures were awesome to work with!2017-12-26_00222017-12-26_00232017-12-26_00242017-12-26_0025Hi Marisa!2017-12-26_0026Here I come for the First Look! Oh, you wanted the bride instead? And, I promise I’m not giving Becky a dirty look. I was so worried about hurting Brittany while putting her veil back in. Eeek! LOL!2017-12-26_00272017-12-26_00282017-12-26_0029Poor posture, a crinkled nose, and double chin. That’s one heck of a pretty look on me!2017-12-26_00302017-12-26_0031My last wedding of the year, and it was absolutely FREEEEEZING, but beautiful! Brrrr.

I look forward to capturing more behind-the-scenes footage of 2018’s weddings! I can already picture what fun moments will be had. Get ready, TKP brides and grooms! 😉