The Princes | Coleman’s Park | Family Photographer in Lebanon, PA

My year was filled with engagements and weddings, which I absolutely LOVE! That leaves me with very little time to photograph families, so when I get the opportunity to create precious memories for moms, dads, babies, and grandparents, it warms my heart.

Meet the Prince family! They were such a joy to work with. (Thank you, Melissa! I hope you enjoy these sweet memories for years to come.)2017-09-23_00012017-09-23_00022017-09-23_00032017-09-23_00042017-09-23_00052017-09-23_00062017-09-23_00072017-09-23_00082017-09-23_00092017-09-23_00102017-09-23_00112017-09-23_00122017-09-23_00132017-09-23_00142017-09-23_00152017-09-23_00162017-09-23_00172017-09-23_00182017-09-23_0019

Isobel + Geoff Semmens | Prospect Park Boathouse | Brooklyn, NY Wedding Photographer

They met through mutual friends of theirs on their very first night of college. It took some time, but eventually Geoff convinced Isobel to go out on a date with him about two weeks later.

Isobel and Geoff dated all throughout college where they got to know one another a lot more, and even met one of their best friends, Sara, who had the honor of marrying them. Their stunning wedding took place on September 9, 2017 at the Boathouse at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. What a classic New York wedding!

Here’s a little refresher on the proposal; it was very thought out and so romantic! Isobel was visiting her parents back in Brooklyn while Geoff bought her ring about 45 minutes north near his hometown. Since he was in the area, they decided that he would pick her up and drive back to Rochester (where they currently live) together. Little did Isobel know that Geoff had made plans with her family and friends for the proposal! When they got to their destination, Geoff suggested going to a restaurant on the east river for a drink and to spend some time in Isobel’s home city. She had noticed that he was acting a little strange as they took the ferry down river to the location, but thankfully that diamond ring she was about to get was hidden very well, so she couldn’t see any box in Geoff’s pockets. Once they arrived at the Carousel under the Williamsburg Bridge, Geoff knew he had to kill time until Isobel’s brother alerted him that he was in position to take photos and start recording the video. Stammering nervously, Geoff came up with some interesting things to talk about. Then, he saw Isobel’s brother get in position and he was finally able to ask her to marry him. After the proposal, they walked about two blocks to a restaurant where her parents were waiting at a table, much to her surprise.

I am seriously so thankful, honored, and blessed to have been a part of this beautiful couple’s wedding day! I had such an awesome time exploring Brooklyn and celebrating with the newlyweds and all of their dear friends and families.

Congratulations, you two! I hope you’ve made some amazing memories during your honeymoon in Greece. Thanks again for having me play a special part in your day. Xoxo!2017-09-21_00012017-09-21_00022017-09-21_00032017-09-21_00042017-09-21_00052017-09-21_00062017-09-21_0007.12017-09-21_00072017-09-21_0062.jpg2017-09-21_00082017-09-21_00092017-09-21_00102017-09-21_00112017-09-21_0012.12017-09-21_0012.22017-09-21_00122017-09-21_00132017-09-21_00142017-09-21_00152017-09-21_00162017-09-21_00182017-09-21_00192017-09-21_00202017-09-21_00222017-09-21_00242017-09-21_00252017-09-21_00262017-09-21_00272017-09-21_00282017-09-21_00292017-09-21_00302017-09-21_00312017-09-21_00322017-09-21_0041.jpg2017-09-21_00332017-09-21_0042.jpg2017-09-21_0043.jpg2017-09-21_00342017-09-21_0035.12017-09-21_00352017-09-21_00362017-09-21_00372017-09-21_00382017-09-21_0040.jpg2017-09-21_0063.jpg2017-09-21_0064.jpg2017-09-21_00442017-09-21_00452017-09-21_00462017-09-21_00472017-09-21_00482017-09-21_00492017-09-21_00502017-09-21_0070.jpg2017-09-21_00512017-09-21_00522017-09-21_00532017-09-21_00542017-09-21_00552017-09-21_00562017-09-21_00572017-09-21_00582017-09-21_00592017-09-21_00602017-09-21_00612017-09-21_00652017-09-21_00662017-09-21_00672017-09-21_00682017-09-21_00692017-09-21_00712017-09-21_00722017-09-21_00732017-09-21_0074.12017-09-21_00742017-09-21_00752017-09-21_00762017-09-21_00772017-09-21_0078.12017-09-21_00782017-09-21_0079.12017-09-21_00792017-09-21_00802017-09-21_00822017-09-21_0083.12017-09-21_00832017-09-21_00842017-09-21_00872017-09-21_00882017-09-21_00892017-09-21_0090.12017-09-21_00902017-09-21_0114.jpg2017-09-21_00912017-09-21_00922017-09-21_00942017-09-21_00962017-09-21_00972017-09-21_00982017-09-21_00992017-09-21_01002017-09-21_01012017-09-21_01022017-09-21_01032017-09-21_01042017-09-21_01052017-09-21_01062017-09-21_01072017-09-21_01082017-09-21_01092017-09-21_01102017-09-21_0122.jpg2017-09-21_0115.jpg2017-09-21_0116.jpg2017-09-21_01112017-09-21_0121.jpg2017-09-21_01122017-09-21_01132017-09-21_01172017-09-21_01182017-09-21_01192017-09-21_01202017-09-21_0123.jpg2017-09-21_0124.jpg2017-09-21_01252017-09-21_01262017-09-21_01272017-09-21_01282017-09-21_01292017-09-21_01302017-09-21_01312017-09-21_01322017-09-21_01332017-09-21_01342017-09-21_01352017-09-21_01362017-09-21_01372017-09-21_01382017-09-21_01392017-09-21_01402017-09-21_01412017-09-21_01422017-09-21_01432017-09-21_01442017-09-21_0145.12017-09-21_01452017-09-21_01462017-09-21_01472017-09-21_01482017-09-21_01492017-09-21_01502017-09-21_01512017-09-21_01522017-09-21_0153Two very dear couples whose wedding day I had the privilege of photographing. I’ll forever be grateful. ♥2017-09-21_01552017-09-21_01562017-09-21_01572017-09-21_01582017-09-21_01592017-09-21_01602017-09-21_01612017-09-21_01622017-09-21_0163Lee, you are AWESOME.2017-09-21_01642017-09-21_01652017-09-21_01662017-09-21_01672017-09-21_0168And, they lived happily ever after!


Vendor Credits:
Photographer | Tracey Krick Photography
Second Shooter | Tori Petrillo Photography
Venue | Prospect Park Boathouse
Dress | Rema Acra from Saks Fifth Avenue
Florist | Surroundings Flowers
Wedding Coordinator | Amy Shackleford with Modern Rebel & Co.
DJ & Lighting| Scratch Weddings
Videographer | NST Pictures
Cake | LadyBird Bakery
Catering | Jeff Riley with Bon Soir Catering
Bridesmaids Dresses | Jenny Yoo
Hair & Make-Up | Jessica at Arojo
Invitations | Minted
Favors | Zabars

Amanda + Kyle Clements | St. Mary’s Church | Lebanon, PA Wedding Photographer

Amanda + Kyle’s story began in 2011. They had technically already met in 2010, but there wasn’t an “official” meeting until 2011. They were introduced by mutual friends of theirs, so they became friends themselves. As they started hanging out more and more, they quickly realized how comfortable they were with each other. It was so natural for them; it was like they knew each other their whole lives! They began dating in June 2012 and their lives have never been better.

2014 was the first year they took a trip to Virginia Beach, VA, over Thanksgiving break. It was there that they decided to make this mini vacation an annual tradition, because of how much they loved it. 2015 quickly rolled around and they could not wait to book their next trip to Virginia Beach! It was during this trip that they got engaged (November 27, 2015)! And, although the proposal did not go as planned, the full moon over the beach was the perfect setting and made it a night they would both never forget.

This beautiful couple officially became Mr. and Mrs. Clements on September 2nd, just 4 days ago! They were married at St. Mary’s Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and their reception took place at the Fredericksburg Community Center. It rained all day, but there were a few breaks in the day where we were able to go outside for photos.

I loved Amanda’s beautiful dress, the bouquets, the vibrant blue bridesmaids dresses, and how warm and welcoming their friends and families were to me! What a joy it was to celebrate the newlyweds!

Congratulations, Amanda + Kyle! Thank you so much for having me capture your beautiful day. ❤2017-09-06_00022017-09-06_00032017-09-06_00042017-09-06_00052017-09-06_00062017-09-06_00072017-09-06_00082017-09-06_00092017-09-06_00102017-09-06_00112017-09-06_00122017-09-06_00132017-09-06_00142017-09-06_00162017-09-06_00172017-09-06_00182017-09-06_00192017-09-06_00202017-09-06_00212017-09-06_00222017-09-06_00232017-09-06_0024Amanda shared a first look with her dad. So sweet!2017-09-06_00252017-09-06_0026Next, she shared a first look with the rest of her girls. I loved them!2017-09-06_00282017-09-06_00292017-09-06_00302017-09-06_00312017-09-06_00322017-09-06_00332017-09-06_00342017-09-06_00352017-09-06_0036Grandma’s ring hung on Amanda’s beautiful bouquet, and her grandpa’s shirt was sewn into her dress. Her sister, Alaina, also had this heart sewn into her wedding dress when she was married.2017-09-06_00372017-09-06_00382017-09-06_00392017-09-06_00402017-09-06_00412017-09-06_00422017-09-06_00432017-09-06_00442017-09-06_00452017-09-06_00462017-09-06_0047Obsessed with the blue bridesmaids dresses and all the sunflowers!2017-09-06_00482017-09-06_00492017-09-06_00502017-09-06_00512017-09-06_00522017-09-06_00532017-09-06_00542017-09-06_00552017-09-06_00562017-09-06_00572017-09-06_00582017-09-06_00592017-09-06_00602017-09-06_00612017-09-06_00622017-09-06_00632017-09-06_00642017-09-06_00652017-09-06_00662017-09-06_00672017-09-06_00682017-09-06_00692017-09-06_00702017-09-06_00712017-09-06_00722017-09-06_00732017-09-06_0074.12017-09-06_00742017-09-06_00762017-09-06_00772017-09-06_00782017-09-06_00792017-09-06_0080So happy to finally be married!2017-09-06_00812017-09-06_00822017-09-06_00832017-09-06_00842017-09-06_00852017-09-06_00862017-09-06_00872017-09-06_00882017-09-06_00892017-09-06_00902017-09-06_00912017-09-06_00922017-09-06_00932017-09-06_00942017-09-06_00952017-09-06_00962017-09-06_00972017-09-06_00982017-09-06_00992017-09-06_01002017-09-06_01012017-09-06_01022017-09-06_01032017-09-06_01042017-09-06_01052017-09-06_01062017-09-06_01072017-09-06_01082017-09-06_0109Amanda’s dad danced to ‘Mr. Roboto’ after their second song. The bridal party even joined in at the end!2017-09-06_01102017-09-06_01112017-09-06_01122017-09-06_01132017-09-06_01142017-09-06_01152017-09-06_01162017-09-06_01172017-09-06_01182017-09-06_01192017-09-06_01202017-09-06_0121


Vendor Credits:
Photographer | Tracey Krick Photography
Second Shooter | Rebecca Shivers Photography
Ceremony Venue | Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St. Mary’s)
Reception Venue | Fredericksburg Community Center
Dress | Sweethearts Bridal and Formalwear
Flowers | Royer’s Flowers and Gifts
DJ | Dave Kaley
Cake | Cake A Fare
Catering | Heisey’s Catering
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Sweethearts Bridal and Formalwear
Groom and Groomsmen Attire | Central PA Tuxedo
Make-Up | Lissa’s Beauty
Hair | Salon Element
Invitations | Vistaprint




Katie + Corey Bower | The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort | Reeders, PA Wedding Photographer

Katie + Corey met at good old Bloomsburg University. Lizbet, Katie’s extremely awesome Maid of Honor and BFF, describes it as one sultry, fall day. It was orientation day, and according to Gabe, Corey’s Best Man, their group of friends from high school made a pact to NOT have a girlfriend in college. As soon as Corey met Katie, the pact (if it even existed) was broken!

After Katie had met Corey, she immediately went to find Lizbet and told her how she had just met the most gorgeous person. Aww! ♥

Katie + Corey held their ceremony and reception at the beautiful Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort. Everything about their day was just perfect; the weather, the food, and the love surrounding the newlyweds. I was so very happy to be a part of it!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Bower, and thank you so much for having me capture your beautiful day! I am so excited to see where married life takes you. 2017-08-23_00012017-08-23_00022017-08-23_0003.12017-08-23_00032017-08-23_00042017-08-23_00062017-08-23_00072017-08-23_00082017-08-23_00092017-08-23_00102017-08-23_00112017-08-23_00122017-08-23_00132017-08-23_00142017-08-23_00152017-08-23_00162017-08-23_00172017-08-23_00182017-08-23_0019.12017-08-23_00192017-08-23_00202017-08-23_00212017-08-23_00222017-08-23_00232017-08-23_00242017-08-23_00252017-08-23_00262017-08-23_00282017-08-23_00292017-08-23_0030.12017-08-23_00302017-08-23_00312017-08-23_00332017-08-23_00342017-08-23_00352017-08-23_00362017-08-23_00372017-08-23_00382017-08-23_00392017-08-23_00402017-08-23_00412017-08-23_00422017-08-23_00432017-08-23_00442017-08-23_00452017-08-23_00462017-08-23_00472017-08-23_00482017-08-23_00492017-08-23_00502017-08-23_00512017-08-23_00522017-08-23_00532017-08-23_00542017-08-23_00552017-08-23_00562017-08-23_00572017-08-23_00582017-08-23_00592017-08-23_00602017-08-23_00612017-08-23_00622017-08-23_00632017-08-23_00642017-08-23_00652017-08-23_00662017-08-23_00672017-08-23_00682017-08-23_00692017-08-23_00702017-08-23_00712017-08-23_00722017-08-23_00732017-08-23_0074.12017-08-23_00742017-08-23_0075.12017-08-23_00752017-08-23_00762017-08-23_00772017-08-23_00802017-08-23_00812017-08-23_00822017-08-23_00832017-08-23_00842017-08-23_00852017-08-23_00862017-08-23_00872017-08-23_00882017-08-23_0089.12017-08-23_00892017-08-23_00902017-08-23_00912017-08-23_00922017-08-23_00932017-08-23_00942017-08-23_00952017-08-23_00972017-08-23_00982017-08-23_00992017-08-23_01002017-08-23_01012017-08-23_01022017-08-23_01032017-08-23_01042017-08-23_01052017-08-23_01062017-08-23_01072017-08-23_01082017-08-23_01092017-08-23_01102017-08-23_01112017-08-23_01122017-08-23_01132017-08-23_01142017-08-23_01152017-08-23_01162017-08-23_01172017-08-23_01182017-08-23_01192017-08-23_01202017-08-23_01212017-08-23_01222017-08-23_01232017-08-23_01242017-08-23_01252017-08-23_01262017-08-23_01272017-08-23_01282017-08-23_01292017-08-23_01302017-08-23_01312017-08-23_01322017-08-23_01332017-08-23_01342017-08-23_01352017-08-23_01362017-08-23_0137.12017-08-23_01372017-08-23_01392017-08-23_01402017-08-23_01412017-08-23_01422017-08-23_01432017-08-23_01442017-08-23_01452017-08-23_01462017-08-23_01472017-08-23_01482017-08-23_01492017-08-23_01502017-08-23_01512017-08-23_01522017-08-23_01532017-08-23_01542017-08-23_01552017-08-23_01562017-08-23_01572017-08-23_01582017-08-23_01592017-08-23_01602017-08-23_01612017-08-23_01622017-08-23_01632017-08-23_01642017-08-23_01652017-08-23_01662017-08-23_01672017-08-23_01682017-08-23_01692017-08-23_01702017-08-23_01712017-08-23_0172

Vendor Credits:
Venue| The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake Resort
Photographer | Tracey Krick Photography
Second Shooter | Rebecca Shivers Photography
Dress | Essence of Austrailia – Christina’s Bridal
Hair Piece & Veil | Christina’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses | Bill Levkov
Florist | Weis Markets
DJ | Matt Arnold – JAM DJ
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas
Wedding Favors | Jam made by the bride and her mom

Daniela + Eric | Willow Park | Camp Hill, PA Engagement Photographer

Daniela + Eric met through mutual friends back in 2004. There was an immediate connection; however, the timing wasn’t quite right. Life went on, and a decade later, Daniela wanted to seek out Eric to see if that connection was still there. On May 18, 2014 they met again. As if no time had passed, they immediately rekindled their love, leaving together, hand-in-hand, and becoming inseparable.

They had discussed marriage and even looked at rings together, so it was very clear that a proposal would be coming soon! Daniela thought maybe on their summer vacation, or possibly a holiday. Christmas of 2015 came, presents were unwrapped, but NO RING. Daniela, a little disappointed, thought to herself, “New Year’s is right around the corner, that must be when he’ll do it!”

Later on Christmas morning, Eric offered to run to Starbucks. When he returned he had a much smaller coffee than expected. (He filled a small empty coffee cup with her ring.) As she grabbed the coffee, she noticed it wasn’t the same and looked inside to find what she had been waiting for! A RING! He DID propose on Christmas!

Daniela and Eric will be getting married at Kennedy Family Farms on September 30th, 2017. Daniela’s adorable son and daughter will be a special part of their day, which is so sweet! Eric, you are blessed with an immediate family!

I am so excited to capture their day and to celebrate their love! Thank you guys so much for having me. I’ll see you so soon! ❤2017-08-09_00012017-08-09_00022017-08-09_00032017-08-09_00042017-08-09_00052017-08-09_00062017-08-09_00072017-08-09_00082017-08-09_00092017-08-09_00102017-08-09_00112017-08-09_00122017-08-09_0013FAVORITE!2017-08-09_00142017-08-09_00152017-08-09_00162017-08-09_00172017-08-09_00182017-08-09_00192017-08-09_00202017-08-09_00212017-08-09_00222017-08-09_0023

Sara + Andrew Zellers | Bent Creek Country Club | Lititz, PA Wedding Photographer

It seriously feels like yesterday that Brandon and I were traveling to Ocean City, MD for Sara + Andy’s engagement session. Take us back! Time flies so quickly. Make sure you take a look at their gorgeous beach session here.

Now I can’t believe I’m blogging their WEDDING DAY! And what a beautiful day it was. But first, let’s read a little about this darling couple and how they met…

Sara and Andy met in October of 2009 through mutual friends and MySpace. (Hey! I met my husband on MySpace, too!) They met in person in November when they were texting, and realized they were both shopping in the same area on Black Friday and decided to meet up with each other. Andrew officially asked Sara to be his girlfriend on Christmas Day of that same year. They have been best friends ever since!

During the summer of 2015, Sara and Andy went to their usual vacation spot in Ocean City, Maryland. They planned to go down for a whole week. On August 1st, their first morning there, they decided to go see the sunrise (and it was the perfect morning to do so! Sara says it was gorgeous!). They ended up sitting on the 21st Street beach, and as the sun was coming up, Andrew stood and asked Sara to stand as well. He bent down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked her to marry him. She (of course) said YES!!

Now that you know a little about their dating years and proposal, let’s talk more about their Bent Creek Country Club wedding! They were married on Saturday, July 29th, and unlike most July weddings, it was unusually cool and didn’t feel like a summer wedding at all! It was very nice.

Bent Creek is nestled in the suburbs of Lancaster County and is such a classy venue. The landscaping was amazing! All the stunning details, Sara’s dress, and the love surrounding the newlyweds were my favorite things about the Zellers wedding.

Sara + Andy, congratulations to you both! What a beautiful wedding you had. The last two years of planning really paid off. I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Jamaica right now! Thank you so much for having me be a part of your day. ❤2017-08-02_00012017-08-02_00022017-08-02_00032017-08-02_00042017-08-02_00052017-08-02_00062017-08-02_00072017-08-02_00082017-08-02_00092017-08-02_00102017-08-02_00112017-08-02_00122017-08-02_0013.12017-08-02_00132017-08-02_00142017-08-02_00152017-08-02_00162017-08-02_00172017-08-02_00182017-08-02_00192017-08-02_00202017-08-02_00222017-08-02_00232017-08-02_00242017-08-02_0025.12017-08-02_00252017-08-02_00262017-08-02_00272017-08-02_00282017-08-02_0029I just HAD to be in one bridal party photo since I matched them perfectly. 😉2017-08-02_00302017-08-02_0031